The module requires certain initial configuration to be done in magento instance to set the management tool.

Magento Instance

Go to Magento >> Configuration and open Magento Instances.

It refers to a magento installation identifiable via setting the API for Magento Site URL, API User and API Password / Key

  1. Create a new magento instance by clicking create.

  2. Save the record with the Save button.

  3. The Connection can be tested by clicking on Test Connection button shown on the top.

  4. If the connection with magento is successful, a window will pop-up as shown below in the screenshot:

  5. Now the websites can be imported by clicking Import Websites button. This will import all the websites for this magento instance. It will also import all the stores and store views related to this website. By clicking this a new window will pop-up as shown below:


To know more about Magento Website, refer website.

Magento Website

Go to Magento >> Configuration and open Website.

A magento instance can have multiple websites. They act as parents of stores. A website consists of one or more stores.

After Importing Websites, magento instance will get all the websites, it’s stores and stores view. See below:



A website must be unique in an magento instance

Website Store

Magento Website Store or Store view groups

Go to Magento >> Configuration and open Website Store.


Stores are children of websites. The visibility of products and categories is managed on magento at store level by specifying the root category on a store. The setup for root catalog on stores does not reflect on OpenERP as there is no functional benefit of doing so.


A store must be unique in a website

Double click on any of of the website to import catalog by clicking on Import Catalog. This will import all the product categories and products for this magento instance, see screenshot:


Press continue to import the catalog, and it will get all the products, see below screenshot:



Each product in a website must be unique!

Store View

Magento Website Store View

Go to Magento >> Configuration and open Store View.

A store needs one or more store views to be browse-able in the front-end. It allows for multiple presentations of a store. Most implementations use store views for different languages.

See screenshot below, it will get all the Store View with corresponding Store